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So wise... so young... they say dost never live long...
Our deepest appreciation to the fans... without thy, there should be no Graveyard Kids...


released November 12, 2013

Chadbourne Oliver (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Small Instruments)
Jordan Smith (Guitar tracks 1,5,9, Bass, Vocals, Small Instruments)
Jeremy Kolker (Drums, Vocals, Lead Gweeter on 'Chess,' Small Instruments)
Oliver Ignatius (Sweet Falsetto on 'Whitesand')

Recorded and Produced by Oliver Ignatius and the GYKs at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


The Graveyard Kids New York

Let's have a really good time

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Track Name: Whitesand
Maybe I'll ask for sleep or let it all sweep over me
Oh did I forget to say... what did I forget to say?
Well maybe you might land in the Whitesand, this I know
But I'll always land in the snow
Well maybe you might land.

Well I never meant to leave you out for dead
Well I never meant to pack you off to bed
What I never meant, oh I never said, Oh

I always land in the snow
Track Name: Carved from the Living Rock
Oh oh oh, no no no no no no no

Dark blue eyes of stone, got no other home, gonna stare you right down to the bone
Oh I wanna tell you dear how I love you dear, how I love you dear but you'll never hear me.
Oh baby what I'd give, baby what I'd do just to lift myself off this goddam stone for you.

I wanna walk... but I'm Carved from the Living Rock.
I wanna talk... oh but I'm Carved from the Living Rock, alright boys!

Pale white eyes alone, got no other home, gotta figure out how to make it on my own.
Oh I got a loving soul, got a loving soul, but my body's down in that ten foot hole.

And I wanna walk, but I'm Carved from the Living Rock.
I wanna talk, oh but I'm Carved from the Living Rock.
Track Name: Chess
Home alone, I wonder when you'll come
Mistletoe, allergies run
Theres something that I long to hear, Its music to my ears.

Hardly sleep, "You want a drink?" I nod...
Mango sweet nectar of the Gods
But one thing do I long to behold, Its worth our weight in gold.

Hangin' out underneath the palm fronds
In my mouth, L'Orgine du Monde
No wonder every move I make confounds, girl you turn me upside down.

I thought I was playin' Chess
Track Name: Inwood (Lead Us Not Into Penn Station But Deliver Us From Evil)
Well believe me when I say, "Theres a forest in Manhattan
That'll always stay like its 1958
And the poison ivy reigns, as it does most every day
Along that bay, where the brackish water sprays
Well something haunts those trees, can't you hear him crying in the breeze?"

I say "Inwood, thats the place" and its written on your face
Like, "Where the hell? is that somewhere out in space?"
Antioch and Rome, Mama I'm comin' home
to marble on the floor, by the elevator door.
Well theres a shadow under every light, always a shiver teasing at my spine.

I'm going back to that city taste, revolved and defaced, but not gone astray
And I'll fight for an inch of shade where I might lay, tooth, nail, and spade, they've all turned to Hate.
Well every single thing I do I mean
Oh deliver me from Evil baby!
Track Name: Baby Please Bring It
Baby please don't go
Baby please don't go
Baby please don't leave me down in Mexico, baby please don't go
Baby please don't leave me down in Mexico, I love you baby so, baby please don't go, oh no, oh no

Baby, baby, I'm gonna bring it on home to you my baby, gonna bring it on home to you.
Gonna take my seat, right way back, and watch that train rollin' down the track
Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out